berlin 2001 - harald bluechel (cosmic baby) and christopher von deylen (schiller) hooked up and created a joint project dedicated to a new breed of electronic music. they simply called it after their surnames: 'bluechel & von deylen'.

harald and christopher patiently started working on their debut-album, and after nearly two years of productivity, 'bi polar' has been released in 2003. 'bi polar' received enthusiastic critics and still attracts a devoted following among friends of electronic sounds, and those who still become familiar with it these days. montreux 2004 - on a special invitation of claude nobbs, 'bluechel & von deylen' performed one of their few live-concerts at the 'montreux jazz festival' in switzerland.

their second and last album so far has been released the same year: 'mare stellaris' - a voyage through haunting electronic music, inspired by the vast infinity of our solar system and beyond. harald and christopher occasionaly meet in berlin to continue working on new sequences and sounds.

the voyage will continue...